3 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sniff Out

Dogs can be very smart and perform a lot of tricks on command. There are also dogs that can sniff out things for their handler, such as bombs, bed bugs, and low blood sugar. Below is some more information about this to help you understand it better. Explosives Detection Dog An explosive detection dog is a dog that is trained to sniff out explosives. It can also use other senses, such as their hearing, to help them detect explosives. Read More 

A Guide for Sending an Aggressive Dog to a Boarding Facility

Sending any dog to a boarding facility while you travel is stressful. When your dog is known to be aggressive, your stress level may be even higher. You worry that your dog may hurt another dog or human or that he may not get adequate attention because caregivers are afraid of him. Here are some ways to make sure your dog has a good, safe experience at the boarders in spite of his more aggressive nature. Read More 

4 Things To Get For Your Daughter For Her Early Morning Runs

If your high school age daughter is serious about running, maybe even considering getting a college scholarship in cross country, then she might be the type to head out on early morning runs. After school she could be busy with homework or other activities, so before class is often the best time to get in a long run. However, this can be a bit dicey. There are potential hazards, including traffic, vicious dogs, and predatory humans. Read More 

A Guide To Understanding The Differences Between Certifiying A Service Animal And An Emotional Support Animal

In the United States, there are a wide variety of places that you can safely and legally take your dog. Unfortunately, there are many more places where a standard pet would not be welcome or where you would be expected to pay more for the privilege of having your pet with you. For many years, people afflicted with emotional or physical challenges were limited as to where they could comfortably go, because the animals they depended on to make their daily tasks possible were not always welcome. Read More 

Keeping Your Dog From Barking While You’re Out

If you want to keep your dog from barking while you're away, you're going to need to address the reasons why your dog is barking. Dogs will bark for two reasons: they're separated from you (their pack) and they are on alarm mode (they detect a stranger). It's understandable. Dogs have been bred for generations to bark to warn us; it's their job. It takes a lot of work to avoid this kind of behavior. Read More