Advanced Training Techniques to Introduce to Your Pet

Basic dog training involves commands such as sit, stay, and lay down. Once your dog has mastered the basics, you may want to continue educating your pet through advanced training sessions that test your dog's capability to follow directions when in public or while they are not on their leash. Gradually build upon the commands that your pet already knows and provide positive reinforcement for a job well done. Here are a few techniques that could help. 

Use a Long Leash for Outdoor Training

Walking your dog on a standard leash will provide resistance when your pet pulls away from you, but you will need additional leeway if you want to mimic an action that involves your pet not being attached to a leash. Purchase a long leash or cord. Attach one end of the leash to your pet's collar and hold onto the opposite end. Begin the training by adding a few additional feet of space between you and your pet.

For example, if you purchase a fabric leash, double the number of feet that would normally be between you and your pet. Wrap the remainder of the fabric around your hand. Start by standing next to your pet and telling them to stay. Slowly walk away from your pet. If your dog moves toward you, redirect them. Gradually increase the amount of space that is between you and your pet. Make some of the requests more challenging than others by turning your back toward your pet.

Add More Variables to Each Command

Once your dog has mastered the stay command, remove the leash from their collar and continue to give your dog commands. Your pet's attention will need to be fully on you. Other people, animals, and background noise can distract your dog. Bring along a friend with you during some training sessions or practice training at a community park. These instances will prove to be slightly more difficult for your pet. Don't lose your patience or speak harshly to your pet if they fail to obey you.

Calmly speak and redirect your pet while providing positive reinforcements can help you better correct or reward your pet. Another type of advanced training can involve offering your pet treats. Your dog should only take a treat from your hand and should refuse rewards from anyone else. Have a friend hold a treat in front of your pet and tell your dog to stay. If your dog listens to you and fails to take a treat from the other person, gently praise your dog and hand them a treat.

If you need additional help training your dog, reach out to advanced dog obedience training services like Ridge Side K9.