Keeping Your Dog From Barking While You’re Out

If you want to keep your dog from barking while you're away, you're going to need to address the reasons why your dog is barking. Dogs will bark for two reasons: they're separated from you (their pack) and they are on alarm mode (they detect a stranger). It's understandable. Dogs have been bred for generations to bark to warn us; it's their job. It takes a lot of work to avoid this kind of behavior. Read More 

4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Dog’s Claws Need A Trim

Are you wondering whether you need to take your pup to the dog grooming parlor? Every dog's claws grow at a different rate, so it can be difficult to tell exactly when you need to bring them in. There are a few telltale signs that you can look out for if you're wondering whether it's time. 1. They Have Begun to Curl Did you know that human nails will start to curl when they get too long? Read More