4 Things To Get For Your Daughter For Her Early Morning Runs

If your high school age daughter is serious about running, maybe even considering getting a college scholarship in cross country, then she might be the type to head out on early morning runs. After school she could be busy with homework or other activities, so before class is often the best time to get in a long run. However, this can be a bit dicey. There are potential hazards, including traffic, vicious dogs, and predatory humans. In order to make her safer you should make sure she has the 4 items below and tell her to take them with her on every morning run.

High Decibel Personal Defense Whistle

She should wear this on a lanyard around her neck. While you hope she never needs it, it could be a lifesaver should someone try and attack her. She might not be able to scream loud enough, which is why a whistle is important. It will send a high pitch audible sound that can alert other people in the area that there is a problem.

Reflective Tape

During the late fall when she is running early in the morning, it might still be dark out. This is where reflective tape comes in handy. She can attach it to the back of her windbreaker so that approaching cars will see her. Sneakers are often reflective, but she should cover her jackets and even the sides of her sweat pants so that she is completely noticeable to oncoming traffic.

Smart Phone Armband

She probably wants to take her smart phone so she can listen to music, but on the off chance that she runs without music, and complains about carrying her phone, get her an armband so she has no excuses. A phone is super important, especially if she goes for long distance runs in desolate areas or does cross-country style running (parks and backwoods hills). She could twist an ankle or become otherwise injured and be laid up until a stranger happens to pass by.

Dog Repellent Spray

One of the major problems that joggers run into are stray dogs. It can be frightening because you can't outrun a dog. While not all dogs will attack, your daughter should be prepared in case she runs into a vicious dog that will be violent. A small, non-lethal dog repellent is essential. There are two types of design. The first is a model that you keep in a small case on your belt or in your pocket. The other design is intended to be carried in your hand and often has a loop you can attach to your wrist so it won't fall while running. The advantage to this design is that she won't have to fidget with opening the case while the dog is charging her. For more information, contact professionals like Sound Defense.